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Meeting Talks and Prizes

Physics Olympics
David Wright, Tidewater Community College
Vertical Motion of a Ball Subject to Air Drag
Carl E. Mungan, U.S. Naval Academy
A Guided Tour of PhysPort
Alex M. Barr, Howard Community College and Deonna Woolard, Randolph-Macon College
Getting Students Excited About Learning Physics with Active Learning
Ching-Yu Huang, Virginia Commonwealth University
Sound Visualizer
Ramani Kharidehal, Northern Virginia Community College
Demonstration of Atomic Force Microscopy with LEGO
Dexian Ye, Virginia Commonwealth University
3D Printing
Dexian Ye, Virginia Commonwealth University
A Simple Electroscope Make-and-Take
Francesca Viale, Northern Virginia Community College
Simple Bernoulli and Two Lenz Law Demos
Tony Wayne, Albemarle High School

Business Meeting Minutes

October 12, 2019